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Earth Friendly Lawn Services is a Woman Army Veteran-owned and operated fence and commercial landscaping company. Josie Cartagena and Ron Cameron and the proud owners of this successful company offering their services in Tampa and the surrounding areas. Earth Friendly Lawn Services donates to nonprofits like PAL (Police Athletic League, VFW (Veteran of Foreign Wars), & St Judes Cancer Hospital every year. 


Ron Cameron is a mature gentleman highly experienced in wood and chain link fence installation, stepping stones, and yard beautification. Just look at the reviews of Earth Friendly Lawn Services! Ron knows most of Florida’s local plants, trees, and flowers. Ron’s a proud native of Plant City, FL, and knows the area like the back of his hand! Being a proficient expert in landscaping, Ron knows how to take care of most Floridian plants and help them flourish. Earth Friendly Lawn Services will follow up with their customers every 30 days later to check if their work is going well!


Enhance your privacy and property value with sturdy and durable fences! And get a 90-day craftsmanship warranty!


As active members in the betterment of Tampa’s and the surrounding areas community, Joice and Ron and 100% drug-free employers.

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